Deawa`s main objective is to introduce the term “dementia” using translated leaflets explaining it in simple terms. We also deliver information through visual format, using music, a series of face-to-face sessions, educational Alzheimer’s DVD sessions and door to door outreach programs. Deawa aims to remove barriers by using these different approaches

Deawa at All Africa Nations Football Event

On the 4th of June 2016 Deawa members attended an event at Leeds Thomas and Danby football grounds. Deawa support group members interacted with the different African Communities talking about Dementia. It was an eye opener for some when they realised the stigma that surround the disease and how broad it is in our Africa community with some myths being similar. Deawa members on the day were educating the different nationals that were present by explaining to them what the facts of dementia are, the stages of dementia and behaviour to expect, also explaining how to take care of a person with dementia and highlighting the help that is out there within the local community. The event was a success for both Deawa members and the people who were involved in the discussions some individuals took our contact details and we took theirs and we hope to meet them in the future. Deawa as community group understood other people’s views and different perceptions on dementia and this information helped us clarify the stigma and culture associated with dementia on our future outreach programmes.

Deawa at Beeston Festival 2016: Celebrating life and Diversity in our community.

At The festival we received great feedback from the Indian Sikh family who enjoyed the fact that we were doing something positive in the community. Mr XXXX was delighted with the Deawa project and he advised us and I quote ` to come back year after year and explain the health matters issue to BAME communities`. One interesting quote said by this individual he said ` when he grew up in Asia he was told by his parents and elders to eat Almond nuts as they are said to help the brain cells grow?` Deawa officials explained to the individual that we cannot say that for a fact as we are not medically qualified to make that statement or judgement call .The individual understood our point of view on the matter and also At the festival we were helping others and volunteers who were moving generators, setting up Gazebos, helping other stallholders, and litter picking. We also enjoyed the different foods on the different stalls cakes, scones, samosas and other snacks

Deawa attended the Lord Mayor event on 21/06/16

Event: Celebrating Small Groups and Charities in Leeds
Place:  Civic Hall Leeds
Deawa received a certificate from Gerry Harper  Lord Mayor of Leeds for 2016 – 2017. The certificate was given as an acknowledgement of the hardwork Deawa has been doing in the community of Leeds 
Providing dementia Awareness in BAME community. Deawa officials were glad to receive the award .During the event the Lord Mayor Thanked all Small Groups and Charities in Leeds for making the city great.
In addition to the core areas of value contributed by Volunteer groups (local funding groups including Leeds City Council, had work stations,representative individuals talking to volunteer groups providing access to needed products and services) communities will also gain Long-term partnerships that support the delivery of community projects and programmes through in-kind support or direct funding.A chance to improve efficacy and efficiency by learning from other volunteer community groups (e.g. through consultancy, mentoring and informal advice). Access to volunteer pools. Leadership training. Skills development and training . Opportunities for network building and raising the profile of their work.